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Rakhiv - the Center of Europe, Huzuls


    Morning in ancient Carpatians begins here on Hoverla mountain. Below it is still gloaming, valleys are covered with fogs, but this beautiful mountain already rests in the first rays of the sun. The mountain looks unusual beautiful. There are no words to describe it. Welcome to the Carpatians. Visit Hoverla by no means. Trip to Hoverla it is a trip to the land of enigmatic beauty, ancient legends and heroic songs. And when you pass a dozen of kilometers, go along swift mountain streams meet sunrise on Hoverla you`ll surely come back here once again. A part of your heart will be left here forever.
    Hoverla is one of the tops at the most beautiful Chornogora range and the highest pick of the Ukrainian Carpathians. It is 2061m. height. Hoverla like the whole Chornogora is praised in songs and tales. Here you`ll hear a lot of legends about Oleksa Dovbush the fighter for freedom of the hutsuls. There were the most concealed and the most safe hiding places of opryshky. The legend says that somewhere in Chornogora Dovbush`s treasures are hidden.. 
    Wild and almost inaccessible in former times, Chornogora mountain today gives tourists a warm welcome.
    Visit spacious polonyny which are covered with thick carpets of flowers, listen to the chime of bells, on the necks of the grazing sheep. Listen to the shepherds playing horns. The voice of the trembita can be heard in this wonderful Carpathian symphony. With playing of trembita begins the festive seeing off shepherds to the highmountain pastures.
    Chornogora massiv is the biggest one in the Carpathians. It occupies Ivano-Frankivsk and Transcarpathian regions. The flora and fauna of the massiv is very rich. Very often tourist meet brown bears, wild boars roe deer here. On the rocky offskirts of the range eagles make their nests, trout swims in streams.
    The climate and relief makes this region very popular among tourists. There is a small amount of precipitation in autumn. The fluctuation of the temperature is 17º-20ºC above zero.
    Winter is mild and snowy. The average temperature fluctuates 5º-7ºC below zero. Thanks to this you may see travelers during the whole year. At the slopes of Hoverla begins the biggest rivers in the Carpathians. From the cascades of falls begins the Prut river which includes a lot of little mountanious streams. The source of the Bila Tysa is also situated under Hoverla. May and June are the best months for visiting the Carpathians. The gardens are in blossom, woods and mountains become green. There is still snow at the gorges and at the northern slopes of the mountains. You may see and get sunburnt. Snowballs and crocuses appear in polonynas. At the beginning of June slopes of Hoverla and polonynas are covered with pink carpet of blooming rhododendron. This rare highmountain flower is preserved only here. Only here you may see such unusual combination of snow and pink flowers. The whole beauty of these places you may see only when you stand on the top of the mountain. The green sea of woods, existing view of mountains spread before your eyes. In the east you may see the Pip Ivan (Chornohora / Black Mountain) in the South Hutsul and Transilvanian Alps, in the North Gorgany. In the west you may see Polonynskyi range and its highest peak Bluznytsa mountain (1883m.)