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Rakhiv - the Center of Europe, Huzuls

The centre of Europe

     According to the history in 1885-1887 (in that time Transkarpathian region was a part of Austrian-Hungarian empire) in Verkhniotysianska hollow had been held a study of locality. The purpose of this study was the building of the railway Rakhiv-Seged. In the process of measuring the engineers found out that in this locality could be situated the geographical centre of Europe. The scientists from Vienna were invited here for sure establishment. After a thorough check-up they had determined the location of the centre of Europe.
     In 1887 was fixed a geodesic symbol 2m. heih. It was made of high quality concrete. The symbol has a shape of a cut tetrahedral pyramid.      Locus Perennis Dilicentissime cum libella librationis quae est in      This symbol had gone through two World Wars and reached our times in his primary state. But as it looks very modest it was decided to supplement it with one more symbol. Working up at a design of the symbol has been instructed by the architect S.S.Kozurak. Austria et Hungaria confecta cum mensura gradum meridionalium et paralleloumierum EuropeumMDCCCLXXXVII is carved in Latin on the right-angled pedestal. According to the translation by the academician M.Tarasov the following words is carved: Constant, Exact, Eternal place. Very exactly, with a special apparatus which is made in Austria and Hungary with a scale of meridians and parallels the Centre of Europe is fixed here 1887.
     The 27-th May 1977 close by the ancient symbol had been built a new monument symbolizies 4 sides of the world. Emptiness between divergence of the lines make an impression of the integral unity and the centre. Axis which pass in the middle intensify the centre of the composition. At a height of 6m. and 60 centimeter fixed a sphere whish symbolizes the Earth. It brings a technical loading connect plates which make the monument more stable. When you move away for a few metres you cold see a marvelous composition ensemble. It is the modest 2m. height obelisk the witness of the past, 7m. height monument our contemporary and quite near it is 40m. height fir-tree a green beauty of our Carpathians.      There are a lot of thoughts concerning geographical centre of Europe. Academician M.Tarasov, Dr. of the geographical science T.Bakut holds the opinion than the geographical centre of Europe situated exactly in Rakhivschyna. Exactly this disposition mentioned in The Atlas of Modern and Ancient Geography of the World (1929).
     The coordinates of the Geographical Centre of Europe are: 47º563 of the Northern latitude and 24º1130 of the Eastern longitude.