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Rakhiv - the Center of Europe, Huzuls

Rakhv branch

     Rakhiv district is situated in The East of Transcarpathian region. The region occupies 1900 square km²:
     -47821 ha of agricultural land 
     -2458 ha of gardens 
     -125800 ha of forests.
     -15% of Transkarpathian region belongs to Rakhivschyna. 
     It is one of the biggest districts of the Transkarpathia. 
     It borders on Ivano-Frankivsk regoin and Roumania. 
     The population of Rakhivschyna is 90 000 people:
     -38.000 of them live in towns 
     -52.000 live in villages.
     The highest summits of Ukraine are located here. They are:
     Goverla 2061m
     Brebeneskul - 2035m.
     Pip Ivan 2022m.
     Petros 2020m.
     Hutun-Tomnatyk 2017m
     Rebra 2007m.
     Blyznytsia and skiing health resort Dragobrat are rather famous hiking sites.
     Also in the mountains you may see highland lakes which have been formed during the glacial period. The most famous are: the Brebeneskul, the Apshynets, the Nesamovute, the Vorozheska. There are a lot of mysterious legends about these lakes..
     The Tysa river is one of the largest tributaries of the Danube river. It also begins in the Rakhiv district. 
82 mineral water springs are found within the district. The most widespread are cold carbon waters. Springs with very tasty mineral water are found in Kvasy, Rakhiv, Kobyletska Poliana.
     One of the main attractions of Rakhiv district is that it is situated in the Geographical Center of Continental Europe. There is a sign near the village of Dilove that marks the Geographical Center of Europe. Coordinates of the Geographical Center of Europe are 47º 56`3 of the Northern latitude and 24º 11`30 of the eastern longitude.
     The unique sites of Hutsul architecture are wooden churches which are found within the district. They are Voznesenska Church (Strukova) in Yasinya, Petropavlivska (Plytovatska) Church, Uspenska Church in dilove and churches in Serednye Vodyane.
Rakhivschyna is famous for its craftsmen. Among them are wood-carvers. Talented artists produce unique souvenirs which are collected not only in Ukraine but also far for beyond the borders of the country.
     The unique nature, mountain summits, glacial lakes, magic woods, mountain valleys, mineral waters, tasty hutsul cuisine attract thousands of visitors to visit Rakhiv district every year and they enjoy by recreation here.